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Anarchy is Liberty

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Monday, March 6th, 2006
12:38 am - power to the people

First of all, does this (the following) make sense to anybody?


In aphorism: A child learns the concept of freedom in play. An example while lying on the floor, on his/her backside a child plays with a balloon. The object or exercise intended on this playfield is the ability to conceive space, to realize and teach the perception of both physical space (the actions of interacting with the balloon to keep it afloat) and mental space (the ability to conceive of where to move, how to move healthily (without bodily harm), and to guess where the balloon will go when interacted with.) This simple system set up in play will teach a child freedom, the ability to be where ever that balloon is and will be – the ability to see anywhere in the past and future by learning the concept of "freedom" in the present, this simple human capability is learned with practice – and ONLY IN PLAY – no law or rule could be set to help the child interact any more harmonically than he already will be able to. Freedom might be defined here as the ability to act. If the setting changes and the child is playing on a cliff face, well heaven forbid he would be there without supervision – there is no Godly force that would save him from falling.

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
3:45 am - well come on then

I just joined this community because honestly, I just wrote this rather long series of haiku on a post-it note while watching the Colbert Report, being mildly entertained (by Colbert) and somewhat disgusted (in his Report). I guess its in good fun, only if its good enough I guess:

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
5:15 pm - oh wow...that's way too hardcore. i need a drink or somthin'


there are like for or five hard core intellectuals here and you are one of them. i am obviously not anti woman or a foo foo, i am a hardcore objectivist.

i have just seen weird things. i don't believe in things i haven't seen evidence of -- i have seen EVIDENCE OF WEIRDNESS.

mostly i know bloodliners. i am NOT a bloodliner, i am a lucky mutant, a smart mutt -- a mongrel with blood from all over. i feel pretty north american.

but i KNOW bloodliners that would sicken you -- people from old blood Illuminist Families who imagine thenmselves overmen.

raj malik is a great example. norman s. carter is another. and these gusy -- they are pewling morons - compared to YOU! i know you are whatever deb lodi or idol harbed is is pretty smart cause i have watched you playing the geeks here for suckers. this is dead broing to me i am an old gumshoe hack.

i know your type. you almost never judge people and the resulting inate understanding you get make syou bored so you tease people. i find their stupid reactions to your constant teasing a source of repeated amusement.
i know tehse tow aass hole.s

both of them have college degrees and are serial rapers in my community of west philly. where i was CONCEIVED. they are not even fro here. they are from teh Massachusettes area abnd neither are that bright.
i have a 260+ i.q. i am a pro astrolger. anyway raj malik and norman seth carter are bloodliners -- old Illumianti families. raj is part of asian illuminati -- his bloodline have ruled asia for CENTURIES and he is a calculating pig. norman seth carter is a fucking CHANCRE who brags about the skill he has at hypnotizing and date raping girls.

they both have degrees in neuro anatomy -- but neither of them have ANY DESIRE to actaully do work in pioneering brain science. they just wanted to know the brain.

being an astrologer it is obvious to me when some malevolent individual has an agenda beyond what their words say. Linda Goodman heipped me -- it is really always too late to get up early up in the morning to put one over on me.

you'd need a time machine.

raj specialises in black magic. hypnotism, date rape. these are actual Illuminated Bloodliners that I have KNOWN and they are disgusting piggish evil male individuals that i would warn ANY female friend to be real careful around.

the papadopoulous brothers are nazi skinners from washington d.c. the papadopoulous bloodlione is famous -- they are such a shame to tehgreeks that there are the pappases -- who obviously shortened their names to be divorced from the sheer malevolence of the bloodline.

Like -- John papadoppulous is a PIMP and a cold blooded gredy pimp. worshipping satan means a lot to these Illuminist scumalls and they do so.
i am telling you all this because i can tell you are one of the good ones partly because of your statements -- which are never venoumous or cruel - and partly because of the heat you have attracted which has been

it was Rand herself who pointed out he true nature of Objective Evil in the industrial age -- evil is envy of that which is good for its simply daring to poke its nose out and be and there is a LOT of that sort of creeping pernicious woman hating evil here at GLP.

i have dealt with some of the evillest bastards in teh WORLD on teh STREET! Alexander nemours is a Satanist and a big ugly acid gobbling german dj.

He has dual U.S./German citizenship.he is one of the BAVARIAN Illuminati if you have heard of them. I met him in philly, calmly worshipping SATAN and selling pot and making bad, bad art. and of course inlfuencing people, encouraging others to be like him and worship satan. and he;s tall and ugly -- God, its a fucking mess.

i slowly started figuring him out and determining that i was just going to physically beat him up and he actually WENT BACK TO GERMANY where he lioves now. i don't know where you live but if you are near germany, beware of parties run by DJ LOKI or MC BEATMASTER FASTER cause that guy thinks he is a real actual VAMPIRE.

he fucked my friend who is a jew and then after dating her for a while, told her he never loved her and went back to berlin. i guess so he could say that he had hurt a jew. he is very faustian.

these people are real and the thing is --

i think the end is near but for THEIR kind cause basically Alexander is just an insidious nazi german.Like if you were gonna make a cartoon (i make SinnnerStar Comics) about a cartoon sterotype of a German Buffoon who was evil and stupid it would come out like this big German Clown who calls himself "Axel" (get it?)

The Nemours/DuPont are one of the famous thriteen Illuminated so callee dReptiliam Bloodlines. the papadoppulous brothers are famous local PIMPS. Stinking Johnny said he wanted to fuck me. I am totally 100 percent heterosexual. He also has confided that he is coprophagic -- meaning he gets a sexual charge out of THE TASTE OF SHIT.

and unwiped assholes. and crap in general. i mean these are subhumans. the world is fucked up because -- thes eIlluminati bloodlines have inbred and inbred until the people who run the world are thin blooded mutants who can't really do the job NORMAL peopel could do. In japan today they are up in arms trying to jsutify a thin blooded Imperial Bloodline that stopped being pure CENTURIES ago.

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
8:53 pm

I found this funny. It makes a good statement about how "anarchy" is being sold to the media. I want to laugh and cry at the same time everytime I read it.

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Friday, November 4th, 2005
3:33 am - No Bosses, No Borders..............................Recap and Photos of Actions Against the Minutemen

Recap and Photos of ...

Excerpt from AWK at Indybay..........: "On the morning of Saturday, October 29, the armed, racist, anti-immigrant vigilantes of the Minuteman Project held a rally on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento. They were there to cap off their month-long failure of a patrol along the border and to gather signatures for the California Border Police initiative. The initiative would create 2,000-3,000 paid positions for Minutemen in kop's clothing to harass immigrant workers statewide.

"With too many vigilantes already sitting inside the capitol, the idea of even more gathering there didn't sit well with lots of people. From 10am onward, more than 600 folks gathered to protest, speak out against, disrupt and in general confront the Minutemen, the initiative, and politicians backing both of them. The actions also took a firm stand against borders and capitalism.  See more photos and read more here or here or here."

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
2:50 am - 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Volunteer Meeting And Call for out-of-state volunteers

....Dear friends,
I would like to invite everyone to the Volunteer Meeting for the 2006 A World Beyond Capitalism Conference,
An Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference.  Time and Date: 7pm-9pm, Wednesday, October 19th, 7-9 PM, 2005, Location: Laughing Horse Bookstore, 3652 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202. No charge.  Free, light vegan refreshments.  Detailed driving directions with maps (for local or out of state origins) are found on the website.  The conference greatly welcomes the help of not only face-to-face volunteers but also volunteers who can only help from out-of-state, or out of country who work-from-home with or without the internet.  Workshop proposals will also be accepted.  More details on today's entry of my journal.  Thank you.
Love for the people,................

"There comes a time when the operation of the machine is so odious that you cannot even tacitly participate, You’ve got to place your bodies on the gears, the wheels, all the mechanism. And you’ve got to indicate to those who own it and those who run it, that unless you are free, the machine will be prevented from working at all." - "Unless You Are Free" Song Lyrics by Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005


welcome to the mojoverse

thing about government is,
everybody talks about it but

nobody can do anything about
it. right? ain't that right DICK.

"You shut up."

"Shut up."Just give it up. you are wasting
your time. no one really cares what

you think and if they do --
so what.  we RULE and we're supposed to

and even if we aren't WE

we are liars. You can't do
anything about it or pin any thing on

us. NOBODY CARES what you
THINK and that's the way of the world,

little boy, that's the way
of the world.  

Doesn't that make you feel
small? pathetic, that's the way you and

people like you who don't

small and powerless and in
your place -- on your knees, your backs

bent to hard labor so that
I can wake up... and enjoy sausages. 


oh...my heart..."

the font used for the main body of
this satire (!) is Times New Roman.

quit harping on the same
tired themes.  no one cares what you

think, do or say anyway  I AM

nothing, weakand stupid, you

Just give it up. WE RULE. And no
one will ever be able to change that.  hey, stop hitting me. Ow!"

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
7:55 pm

Hey everyone,
I'm new to this community and it said I have to post my beliefs for/about anarchy. Alright here goes. Anarchy is not having govenrment or rules I believe that these laws that were written in most part to protect those in power and there wealth only through abolishing those laws can we become truly free and maintain the freedom we have gained to live in a more peaceful world. Interpersonal violence will always occur and people will attempt to take advantage of the lack of a well armed governing force but in the end it could all work out. Anarchy would also abolish currency Which means we would have to rely on barter system causing (most) suits and corprate execs to become poor and farmers who grow things necsesary for life become rich, and everyone would be free to pursue happiness.

the end

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Sunday, September 11th, 2005
9:34 pm - Please let me know what you think...

In A State of Anarchy
by Alexander Villacampa

Chapter 1:
Privatized Defense in an Anarcho-Capitalism
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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
4:58 pm - super ROLE models?

Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:52:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John Gallagher" <johnniecakes59@yahoo.com> View Contact Details View Contact Details
To: "kuriltai" <kuriltai@lists.riseup.net>, "peace-ri" <peace-ri@yahoogroups.com>, "KOLA" <kolahq@skynet.be>, "Rhodeisland Green-Party" <gpri-forum@greens.org>, "WILPF News Center" <wilpf-news-us@igc.topica.com>




British supermodel Lily Cole, the current face of De
Beers, has

stated that she is refusing to work for De Beers
again, over claims

that Bushmen were evicted to make way for future
diamond mining in

Botswana. Her statement follows lobbying from human

organisation Survival International. Lily tells
Survival, "I was

unaware of these matters when I was booked for the

Stephen Corry, Director of Survival International
said: "I am

delighted that Lily has heeded our advice and
understands the human

suffering that diamonds are causing the Bushmen. I now
urge other

models not to work for De Beers. De Beers must realise
that the only

way out of this is for the Bushmen to be given back
their land."

Lily Cole is not the first model to quit working for
De Beers.

Supermodel Iman famously quit as the face of De Beers
after meeting

with Survival International. Meanwhile British
supermodel Erin

O'Connor distanced herself from De Beers stating '"I
don't think that

doing a job like (being the face of De Beers) would in
any way add to

my life or make me happy. I would make that stand, and
say 'no'."

This is part of Survival International's ongoing
campaign against De

Beers in support of the Bushmen of the Kalahari over
their eviction

from their lands to make way for future diamond
mining. Since the

eviction, the Bushmen have been continuously
persecuted. Only last

month seven were tortured by wildlife officials for
hunting to feed

their families.

Last month Survival and pioneering American feminist
Gloria Steinem

picketed the opening of De Beers's first US store in
New York.

Survival supporters urged US celebrities Teri Hatcher
and Lindsay

Lohan not to cross the picket line.

Meanwhile, screen icon Julie Christie has lent her
support to the

campaign stating: "Boycott De Beers! Or have the
destruction of the

Bushmen on your conscience."

For more information, and photos of the Survival
protests, please

contact Miriam Ross at +44 20 7687 8734 or email




Survival International

We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect
their lands and

determine their own futures.

6 Charterhouse Buildings

London EC1M 7ET


Tel: 020 7687 8700

Fax: 020 7687 8701


Western Shoshone Defense Project

P.O. Box 211308

Crescent Valley, NV 89821

(775) 468-0230

Fax: (775) 468-0237


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Monday, July 11th, 2005
9:11 am - "I NEED someone to explain this shit to me."

Pluto's Republic: Shadow government, Doublethink and Soviet ideology
or: nihilism versus democracy in the new century
mikal x 18 Jan 2005 20:15 GMT

slander, doublethink and the contunuation of practices used in the Soviet era by poliburo enforces combined to make socialism a world enforcer of tyranny and oppression -- as well as a philosophy that successfully assasniated another one -- anarchism. taking advantage of people's lack of historical understanding: racists lied for nationalism in the United States and many other countries, in a tune Robert Smith of the Curecals "Just Like Hitler."

Pluto's Republic
Shadow dictatorships and economic Slavery
mikal x

The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.
4. also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid 19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.

The truth of the following statement shall remainperennia, ongoing yet becoming newly relevant with the passing moments: thoe who claim righteousness but who espouse philosophies based on ignorance -
are kind of obviously something else when you really think about it.

anarchism was like the most beautiful girl in the world showed up to the most broing hardcore show in the lamest scene in a bit city.

all of a sudden all the other philosophies turned and saw anarchism and thought, "damn, that babez foin. if i could get that hook up i would rule the scene. got to get that!"

and so socialism coopted anarchism.

socialism did this to anarchism: it walked up to anarchism with a club and smacked it in the back of the head. then it dragged it back to its cave brain damaged and almost completely unconscious.

later anarchism died ("punk is dead"of hemmorage and good charlotte performed like good soldiers for the G-8.)

but socialism was necrosick: it didn't care and then the years from 1888-1991 were like weekend at bernies - as socialism dragged anarchism's corpse behind it and said 'hey look at my hot girlfriend.'

but anarchism had been sublime, beautiful and rare and socialism was nihlism -- crass cold mterialistic and unspirtualistic bullshit meant to dominate decieve and OWN EVERYTING IT SAW from the beginning - it's got - punch "miner now!" collectivizm was never ever the open hearted share, there's enough for everyone that anarchism has always truly been.

deep truths proliferate.

truth seethes and tyranny goes on its quest to crush, quell, quash and supress truth for so to retel history to make it seem necessary.

deep truths that show this goverment as half of a necessary evil exist. when people acknlowledging but comprimising say that governmenmnt is a necessary evil...
...one might respond tha tey are half right.

there were other greek philosophrers but Platoand Aristotle are the most easily recaled to many. and they got the kings' ear in their day - and so works by philospphers like Xeno of Citium, Ceno of elea, Socrates and others that might have created a different fiuture for western civilization did not survive -- in much the same way as the gospels other thanteh four syndoic gospels were also silenced by tyranny that came from teh mediterreanean to slowly conquer region after region withideology - and the edge of the sword.

where are the legendary powers of the original hero-priests of Christian legend? where are the powers of the european druid, the meso american priest and shaman?

the deep truth that the tribes of israel's antiquity, the earth tribes of the meso americas, the picts and the bantus, the maori and all other earth close cultures share - it was one rigid mentality that enslaved them and denied them the way of life they chose to live. the kushan, the ainu, this has happened in every part of the world and it has a been the same mentality claiming to represent god and religion but wielding harsh repression, rape and disregard for the earth's bounty except as tolls of leverage. to has happened over and over -- and then they proudly say
"this is OUR land, not yours. get the hell off my property or i will call a cop! that's my god goven right as an american."

the Buddhaic wisdom of the nirmanakaya -- nothing is mine - is more than simply a denial --

it is an affirmation that cosnmos is equal in providing to all sentient beings. the false Christains, arriving in the 1600s tothe meso americas, didn't care. they came and tok property - and lives and human dignity wascomprmised by their false christian philosophy and dogma, a gift from Plato haded to europe by Constantine the Tyrant. The stories that could have filled out an understanding of the sorceror and healer yeshua antorus were left out - how could a peaople who understood healing arts that included raising teh dead and curing blindness be dominated by barbarian slaves with gladii and scutum?
they could not have been, So Imperial Rome went out of their way to co-opt the philosophy of the healer and talmudic priest yeshua and his associates.

what they did contributed to creating a new Sahendrim that today follows the twisted letter of the law and denies teh spirit in myriad ways. Bombs have fallen on the children of the book whom god loves, and intelelctual descendents of kingmaker Pladou (hey -- it's all Greek to me...)

an intelligent six year old alone in a library with a card and a few hours to waste can learn the histor of brutal Imperialism.

When the Totalitarians of Eastern culture baited Imperialists it was half hearted -- they wanted the old empires out so that they could imperialized themselves with the military monarchism that bolshevik attitudes always have been -- even without a crown the rich higher ups were still regal rulers - living in riches while those they had decieved into embracing the Bolshevik derivative of Plato's ideal of philosphical monarchy - the Republican Council --

in every nation now the champions of brutal statist police culture can be found enforcing laws that cause suffering and pain and imbalance, driving people into --

that is what all those kids were ACTUALY saying.

And Plato's greedy greek fingers were in the pot in meso america when the invaders kame, killing and colonizing -- this is not a guess, this is histry that is taught. And Pladou's greedy Greek fingerprints could be seen all over the world thousands of yeas after he walked the hills of Hellas -- as something caling itself the Union Of Soviet Socialist REPUBBLICS tyrannized a region -

I love greece. the good people pf Greece, and people all over the world who believe close to the land have suffered under the slavemaster's whip oiof iinstitutionalized, rigid and intimidating tyranny for too long.

al a contrivance to make the United states look like some sort of hero.

but Objective understanding of words saves pour minds here. in the United States representatives like proud John Warner (R. Tenn) have pointed out that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. And it is: it was so framed and somoted by those slavedrivers and ilers who rebeled against the British crown - also shabby and in fallen state from the times of Imperialist colonization. (Tyrants have not always ruled the British isles. And shall not always.)

without the need to bias myself with an alliegance to teh dictators of almost 250 years of organized brutality- killing and rape, i see the same mentality that petendied to be representative of Christ but echoes the hatred, brytality and deception of a Aryaman or a Lucifer has masqueraded as righteousness.,\

in almost every nation.

(did you get this far? looking for an educated critique of this essay.be rutless if you prefer. i have thick, thick skin.)

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
2:21 pm


Not a great
place for a Christian

Saint george and the Dragon of Delusion.

by HALIM the MALACLYPSEthe central scrutinzer central scrutinizer of the LEGIONS

The point of George W. Bush, Born-Again Christian is precisely that he
presents and offers himself to the world as a Christian businessman -- so what
does he care if he is judged by non Christians -- or even people of

it's a fool's error to see a person with a speech impediment and a
learning disability as stupid. we could easily call his robot hearted
snering sidekick a fat retard. wouldn't make it true. he is
more...bloated and paunchy than fat per
. but we were discussing George. he never got a name of his

he was named and raised to follow in his father's footsteps -- life in hell"so what if he
wanted to be a cowboy. You're going to the top spot son," george
herbert probably said, "and i will make sure no damed 'electorate' can
stand in our way."

Basically those blinded by hatred are uterly neutralized in the ongoing
campaign to fix america and create an effective public government.

Absolutely useless -- caught up in the civil Civil war between Left and
Right, Conservative and Liberal - they are effectively divided and
conquered and drowned out by the echoes of their won blaming
hatred.  They can't make a difference -- they are neutral and the
chaos of argument -- so a bunch of people shouting rhetoric who can
barely hear themselves think -- to say nothing of the arguments of the
other side -- are reduced to absurdity (reductio ad absurdem) by their
own shouting, denial and judgement.  Sad.  but that is the
old trick of the Republican Party -- divide, conquer and rule. As a
reform party volunteer i see right hrough the tepid backwash of both
parties --

but this is about the current seated president.

What is wrong here is that he moved into a shitty job with a rotted
infrastructure. Remeber Gerald Ford?compassion or guilt is etched onhis face..maybe a little of both. &quot;It&apos;s Homer Simpson, sir.&quot;  &quot;...and You&apos;re Not.&quot;
Chase does,
and the revealed-by-satire pattern
of Gerald Ford was that he was a stumbling
who fell out of Air Force  One -- too eager to get
back to Presidin' to wait for the fucking PLANE to come to a full stop.

mistakes of the past play a part here.  If we cannot understand
the OFFICE  of teh American President -- we will have someone to
blame -- wrongfully with more friendly fire and more tax breaks for the
rich, when we have Watergate all over again all over again in 2008 when
you fail, Liberal pansy, to find someone to take down Dick Cheney -- or
whever Cheney chooses to represent his shadowy grab for influence. But
if her were to run tomorrow -- who would be able to stand against
him?  ome other guy ready to die boldly in the polls as did John
"Clayface" Kerry?

the OFFICE of president of the United states is one that invites a
killer.  Without a readiness to kill (break a commandment) there
can be no American President as the constitutional republic cuently
stands. But I see as I walk down the American street where I live that
infrastructural revitalization is ccurring courtesy of pothole -
plagued PennDOT -- in a region notorious for bad roads.

People who hate Bush deserve to feel cheated -- hate will not cure our
nations ills. And after 200+ years - neither will any new president.
Kerry could have made a mess in Korea as well as in Iraq - and in his
debates he promised to make a mess of Korea -- war in Korea being one
of the selling points Klayface used to make friends and influence
people in other countries into fearing ANY american president.

Little is spoken of George W. Bush's alcohol addiction in calm
scientific mediacl tones -- it is usually the cold hatefil derision of
eople who will later, well, drink in moderation and have no sympathy
for those who suffer from alcoholism, a disease.

 -- perhaps a cold hearted and distant parent forcing a child into
a role not of his choosing drove a man to drink -

 and also despite learning dificulties perhaps also brought on by
a cold and dysfunctional home life -- to embrace the American Qu'ran --
the Bible.

can you understand how a youth informed that he was to become a memeber
of a dynastic Luciferian cult -- the internationally recognized
'Brotherhood of Death' -- the Hellfire Club of Yale == can you
understand how a young man might turn to drink?  And to the Bible?
to save his own soul?

Bush presides like a guy who works in a fast food joint who hate sthe
world. he wise cracks, he is lackidaisical -- he is perfunctory and he
goofs up -- many people think he is not fit for the job!

 I would cal him inept and unfit to command the American military.

And I would say that until the Federal infrastructure is repaired we
will get no better in the white House. That's right -- no one better.
No one will do effectively better than george W. Bush until the federal
infrastructure is reformed so that offices cannot be purchased by rich
dynasts like Bush the Elder. i know what i am talking about here -- as
anyone who has heard the hollow laughter and witnessed first hand the
smirks of republicans like Rick Santorum when questioned about CFR. --
Bush's unbeatability and seeming teflon kid status does not make him a
great president. The problem is with The Office. That chair invites
corruption as the System stands... Did you notice that as soon as
preident W. hjfferson linto came uinder senatorial fire, death started
happening in Somalia? Bil Clinton killed at that point - a man who got
my vote - even though I was more impressed by his young pretty wife's
determination to create a comprehensive heathcare package
--   the pothead, you know, the guy who enjoys fellation and
wants you to define "had". Clinton's quibbling over the meaning of
small words is about the same in a way as george Junior's
misprununciation of spelling bee fatalizers like "subliminal" and

Clinton in other words was no better a man than Bush. This is where the
center provides insight, leftights and uptight white wingers.

Clinton, a neoLiberal, a Centrist and a would be bridge-builder who
could not figure out how to beat the cheat-to-win strategies of the
Grand Old Party.  He was crucified in Senatorial hearings and now
cannot run for any
political office -- I would welcome Bill Clinton as a Philadelphia
Mayor wholeheartedly. But his career as a lawyer was silenced by th
conspiratorial cheat-to-win practices of Bush FAMILY men  (George
Herbert, CIA, behind the controls, always the Shadow King -- and the
man who forced George W. - Neil got his OWN Name but W. was set up to
be the dynastic figurehead -- learn to see these things It will be
useful for effective democratic action later -- ) and thus there was no
comprehensive health care program and the Christian extremest Radicals
ofthe White Right Wing used their hatred like a cudgel to sabatoge a
elected offical -- leading to the great Gore-Bush controversies of
2000. Some Americans wll stolidly obdurately refuse to move on until
DIEBOLD's questional business propmises are disifected by the
penetrating sunlight of media scrutiny and the hot cameras of a Media
empowered by the truth, the core truth of democratic ideation -- vox
populi, vox dei.  Not an absurd notion -- But Republicans despise
it. Why do you think they are in power in the international
constitutional republic? Democracy is what republicans LOATHE and love
to name drop like a fart at a tender moment - their lies about the Free
world and the Democracy are recognizedasthe Republican's way of doing

to those who desire justice -- hating bush has made you blind. You need
to back up and look at the family of shame who surround Bush --
Condoleeza "Condi" Rice, UGLY John Snow, tax evader and cheat, and
sneering richard Cheney, the friendly fire specialist who has a huge
conflict of interest. becae IF YOU FAIL TO  You are emulating
Democratic bearded loser (and PMRC Supporter) Gore -- who had tons of
dirt on the bush Administration and didn't use it al through debates
that should not, we see now, been so close -- when the election was
that close Gore GEEK'D and refused to fight for the office -- like The
Man Who Didn't care When The vox populi mattered most -- or like a geek
who copuld invent an internet but couldn't get down and scrap when it
mattered. REMEMBER where Al Gore is from -- and remeber that that south
of the mason dixon is where slavery -- now rendered into wage slavery
for the benefit of the Military Industrial complex who need your tax
money to turn blood into oil -- remeber that there was a war that
defined the modern Nation -- a war for the right o hold human people as
hostages for labor -- a war that had as its theme racism. Not much has
changed in the federal Infrastructure and it must.

What is the end of being human?

The goal?

Moralist, Rationalist, Empiricist,

Elusive as Zeno’s arrow[1]

Reduced to mere Forms[2].


In the myth of the cave[3],

Chained to the wall by Parmenidian schackles
of paradox[4],

One thinks ‘to be’ always was –

And ‘what was’ is absolute.


What we have become

shadows on the wall of the cave

Reflecting the phenomena that are now behind us.


The shadows are the ghosts of the ancients

us with what it is to be human:


Reductio ad absurdem[5].

Reg Urbanowski


The Republican

Republican Molochian

By: Dennis
- 11/17/03


After years of effort,
conservative ideologues have succeeded in legislatively winning a
"partial birth" abortion ban. 

Although no such terminology exists in any medical literature, the
rarely used procedure has been sensationally made into a guilt icon,
obfuscating the fact that it's primarily employed when no other options
exist to protect the well being -- and very lives -- of the women
involved. Or when a fetus has severe abnormalities precluding its

George Bush, who doesn't read newspapers and can't properly pronounce
common words, outlandishly claims such abortions are "never" needed, a
view strenuously contradicted by medical professionals. 

Because it provides no avenues for assuring female health, legal
challenges are certain. An ultimate Supreme Court decision is

Pro-choice forces recognize that the partial birth ban is a cynical
contrivance aimed at manipulating public sentiment against all
abortions, with a complete reversal of Roe v. Wade as the eventual
goal. This demagoguery is being spearheaded by
Republicans/conservatives who profess a pious sanctity for "all

I don't question the principled
sincerity of some souls opposed to abortion. But I do condemn the
sophistry of those who hammer this issue as a wedge to further the
entire rightwing agenda. 

central thrust of reactionary opposition to abortion is a decisive
extension of benighted, retrograde resistance to women's suffrage and
"liberation". They want to beat back female gains, just as they've done
key aspects of the New Deal and Great Society, for their own
self-serving purposes. 

Corporate super-profits come largely from
underpaid women in the workforce. How can bosses defeat demands for
economic justice? By thwarting unity through stirring up further
abortion controversy. What better way to divide, conquer, and continue
to lucratively exploit? 

Conservatives would really have a hard case attempting to prove they're
"for" children. 

They've resisted greater funding (or advocated cutbacks) in the WIC
program, Head Start, and Reading is Fundamental, which have been
broadly beneficial for years. 

They've consistently opposed
minimum wage hikes, which would translate into improved living
conditions for millions of American families. 

They've sided with Big Tobacco, entrenching its deadly marketing of
cigarettes to children. 

18,000 Americans die per year due to a lack of health insurance. Of our
44 million with no medical coverage, at least 10 million are kids. 

Republicans staunchly oppose any effort to give our people the national
healthcare that every other industrialized country possesses. As pawns
of private-profit insurance giants, they're literally killing sick and
injured kids by denying them the quality healthcare their parents could

They favor "tort reform" that would make it
far harder for parents whose children are hurt or killed by defective
consumer products to acquire adequate compensation through appropriate
law suits against negligent companies. 

They show abject servility to the NRA, resulting in weak handgun
control, causing deaths among thousands of American kids annually. 

By focusing only on abstinence as a counter to sexual activity among
youth, they contribute to the spread of STD's, and unwanted
pregnancies, as they continue to take a prudish stand on sex education
and contraceptive availability. 

They lobby against governmental daycare and healthcare relief for the
poor, arguing that "personal responsibility" ought to be utilized
instead. This churlish view is applied to all federal efforts designed
to combat poverty. 

By constantly pushing for vouchers, plus always resisting attempts to
finance impoverished school districts on an equalized basis with richer
ones, conservatives are, themselves, largely responsible for the
deterioration of public schools that they then castigate. 

By favoring polluting industries -- through less stringent
environmental standards -- conservatives facilitate an ecological
degradation that affects the young first. 

By pursuing war to build
defacto empire, Republicans destine children at home and abroad to
violent deaths. Among the thousands of Iraqi civilians destroyed in
Bush's gratuitous invasion are undoubtedly countless "unborn babies",
and a multitude of innocent women and children. 

Have they ever merited pity from the Right? No, but what a rainfall of
crocodile tears for aborted fetuses! How intellectually and morally
bankrupt it is to claim to defend the imagined rights of even the
initial union of sperm and egg -- a mere dot on a microscope slide --
while systematically, selfishly harming already-born children on a
staggering scale. 

Countless programs and policies originally
conceived by liberals to help needy citizens, especially the fragile
young, have been eviscerated as more and more tax dollars have gone
into corporate welfare and for military excess. 

The GOP of today, awash in abysmal greed, is a far cry from the party
of Abraham Lincoln. Or even Charles Percy and Ed Brooke. 

Behind its mask of false morality is a hideous monster devouring our

Our whole society is being sacrificed on the altar of capitalism run
amok, as are societies overseas. Blood drips profusely from sharp teeth
that poorly feign a compassionate smile. 

Once an ancient
god to whom children were ritually offered, Moloch is now a relentless
political beast preying upon our human essence...and on America's

Acting in determined concert, we can put an end to this barbaric

We need to continue resisting the Iraq aggression, defeat the Patriot
Act, honor organizing efforts initiated by unions striving for worker
dignity, defend minority rights, and protect our threatened natural
environment. Importantly, we need to be in Washington on April 25,
2004, to "Save Women's Lives: March for Freedom of Choice". 

Registering enough new, progressive voters to prevent a repeat of
2000's election theft is also crucial. 

Finally, we must tirelessly fight to shield and nurture our vulnerable
young from neo-con predation. 

We have the power to send Moloch, hungry and sulking, back to his dark
place of origin.


Rahkonen, from Superior, WI, has written for Liberal Slant,
and other various progressive outlets for more than thirty years. He
was long
associated with the Finnish-American Tyomies (Workingman) progressive
house. He can be reached at


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"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" jello biafra Punk
ain't no
religious cult Punk means thinking for yourself You ain't hardcore cos
you spike your hair When a jock still lives inside your head

Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off!

Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off!

you've come to fight, get outa here You ain't no better than the
bouncers We ain't trying to be police When you ape the cops it ain't

[Repeat chorus]

Ten guys jump one, what a man You
fight each other, the police state wins Stab your backs when you trash
our halls Trash a bank if you've got real balls

You still think
swastikas look cool The real nazis run your schools They're coaches,
businessmen and cops In a real fourth reich you'll be the first to go

[Repeat chorus]

be the first to go You'll be the first to go You'll be the first to go
Unless you think Make a quick
comment on this art!

young punks
don't all know, but i mean young like fifteen. young punks don't all
know that the same stuff that is blowing up now has been a pain in the
ass for years and years. but that's cool.

my story is about the
hardcore scene in philadelphia in the mid eighties. it centered around
clubs that had all ages dance parties, depeche mode was still almost
unheard of outside the goth scenes and other stuff was happening too.
cromags, black flag, original bad brains, like all the seeds of now.
and this was also the time when revival
was open.

revival, a club
at 2 and market, was punk as fuck a ot of the time, it was cool and
people could go to dance at all ages shows. naturally it attracted a
big punk crowd. i was thirteen and helped put ouy a zine there.

Skins for Unity/AntiRacist Action first showed up to oppose
nazi punk aggression in the slam pit.

you got to realise that this was before the word MOSH was even
really used a lot. it was still slam dancing. 1983.

my perspective was that there was a thriving scene based on
the old spray paint tag UNITY COGNITION.

Atlantic City Skins were a malevolent Nazi presence. they
would go into thepit and bite people.

gave rise to the controversial groups like SHARP, SFU and Anti-Racist
Action. To be solid together, walk together talk together and to give
the Nazis total direct disrespect.

Sad part was that the Revival
was closed down. The Nazi punks ruined the show and that is why
Socialism is really bad for anarchism. Hitler and Stalin used socialism
to get ahead, Socialism is a Statist philosophy at its most harmless
and at its worse it is Totalitarian.

That is the past. Revival,
Memphis, Club Pizazz, Funk Dungeon, KillTime, and other great venues in
Philly are all closed now because of the confusion of punk anarchists
concerning collectivism, socialism and communism. these are Statist
philosophies: if you've really wondered why things seem to not work for
local movements and why scense die it is because of racism in scenes,
and Statist Philosophy disguised as anarchism.

Stalin "collected" the farms of the jews who lived in Soviet Russia.
Anyone he didn't like he shot or put behind bars. Collectivism is bad
for any anarchist movement, no exceptions.

Socialism and Communism take from the poor and give to the

reason these have infiltrated is part because there aren't ever as many
old punks as there are young punks. many punks are dropouts and never
get to learn about Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) philosophy or
Stalin's perverse anti-jew "pogroms" and "purges"; but he was like
Slobodan Milosevic as far as campaigns of ethnic cleansing were

That being said, people have gotten confused in their
urge to oppose capitalism. few people in scnes today have an active
understanding of the roots of Anarcho-syndicalism, its noncompromising
rejection of racism and classism.

(Socialism fans the fires of
class war and thus scenes get polarized by factors which should not
matter to anarchists. Syndicalis borrows and shares freely from many
philosophies as the individual deems appropriate)

one of confusion, and the real nazi socialists among us will continue
to obscure the truth because they want power.

that the original wooden Shoe burned down "mysteriously" and its new
place right around the corner from where the hippies meet is run by a
solid and clannish collectivist clique.

anarchism still happens in philly.

blows but it's a part of life. there is a tri state scene but the
suckiness of septa makes it so it is largely sporadic. philly delaware
and jersey punks could maybe do things to get all together and party
hearty; you got to get up to get down but you don't have to be
socialist to be social.

But people should realise that Socialism
and Collectivism will never never be anarchist no matter how hard they
claim otherwise. if you drive up an a red car and tell everyone "hey
look at my cool black car" those who can see will know you are lying...

like we have all this time.

anarchists should look out! the determined, nationalist socialists will
tell lies and utilize the old GOP trick of slander the opposition: that
is how Totaitarian philosophy has always operated.

it's important when there are more and more young kids all the
time getting into direct action and protest.

is real, sure! But it is an oxymoron. The class consciousness that
communism demands is just another flavor of racism, it's cultural
racsim and thus scenes fracture and fall apart, all punks are not from
the same walk of life. so look out for obvious "Anarchist Leaders"
disguised as "facilitators" or "co-ordinators"; this is the stuff that
ruins anarchist scenes. They want you to stay clueless so that they can
secretly get off on the power thatcomes from ruling a clueless scene.
Have you seen this "trend"? scenes come up, get crucial, then slowly
dissapate. That is the role socialism plays, dividing people who could
perhaps syndicalize and get creatively active. beware of people who
can't talk about others without referring to their skin color: that is
subtle til you see it for what it is, friendly Mussolini vibes in torn
pants and camo.

The wooden shoe and the a-space provide
anarchists with places to hang out and read or play music and drink
coffee. but because of what is above things are sort of on the lame tip.

be quite frank it's like a ghost town. but there are these places where
people can do things: there are very few actual anarchists and a lot of
negative people who enforce consensus and call it scene unity.

unity is people who really care about each other hanging together and
doing things. when it is just cliquish intimidation and peer pressure
it's counteractive to spontanaeity. Collectivists gotta insist on their
consensus, schedules rule everyone's life cause nobody really cares,
and of course the people who are greedy for power lie to keep th epower
they have.

defenestrate THAT.

the original skinheads were
for class unity, they shaved their heads to emulate the buddhists and
shaolin types. the Nazis then infiltrated the same way that Socialism
has infiltrated anarchism in the Philly scene, and why the scene is
foundering and needs help.

- e-mail:: bongo_6900@yahoo.com

legend of drunken reject: chip and bongo
fight at the catbox: 2003

By bongo

    it was really retarded. i don;t think
    chip had any intention of fighting broken from the getgo.
    (previously entitled: when anarchists attack)

it was really
retarded. i don;t think chip had any intention of fighting broken from
the getgo.
(previously entitled: when anarchists attack)

all started when chip made the mistake of telling broken that he had
some karate instruction in the eighties. that might be true, chip is
old and slightly insane. who knows what the fuck is capable of?

broken had asked chip to teach him how to fight months ago -- with
weapons. chip made some kind of excuse or put it off or something. but
we were ALL THERE at the catbox for some show, i think syzlak was
playing or something.

it was
ridiculous. chip just stood there smiling as broken approached him
timidly and yet tenaciously. but broken actually ended up puncing chip
in the face a couple of times. as i recall they were both already
really drunk.

i think kathy
chang summed it up when she implied that violent revoilutions wil
always bring about a police state no better than whatever they intended
to oppose. This was the case in France, where the french revolution
gave the world napoleon..of course we all know the horrible cosmic joke
and insult to the worlds "freedom", "liberty" and "justice" the america
revolution really was.

also, i think chip actually
really likes broken a lot and wouldn't actually hurt him or even try
to. so i asked him myself.

if i actually screwed the drunken little student up badly, broke his
leg or something? and then something happened and broken had to run
from the cops? i would feel terrible? besides...hurting people is what
THEY do. i think we as a community and the movement potentially have
the brains to rise above that sort of petty behavior. it's less than

let's face it: chip is a
discordian...who can tell what he will say and do next?

it was probably really all
about some GIRL anyway and that is the world's stupidest thing to fight
about ever, period.

a related story: do they still have that drawing of the chick with the
swastikas on the wall as you go there - the catbox?
i really don't like
that drawing.


was in ARA "back in the day" he likes flowers
and other cute things. his favorite pokemon is raichu.


oh, hello you stinking ass nazi punks. why are you reading this? GO


Love, steal_angel@animenetwork.com

Lessons learned from September Eleventh 2002: Can’t trust Bush!

you really want to feel betrayed and disappointed when the truth comes
out. Let’s see…I‘m having trouble making the connection. Prescott
Bush and the millions he paid the Nazi German government, Prescott Bush
financed the killing of American soldiers and was caught for it.
Well-documented…public record…

George Herbert Walker Bush, PrescottÂ’s sonÂ…and
his determination to create a “New World Order”

war in Iraq is a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of
cooperation. Out of these troubled times...a new world order can

--george herbert walker bush (the whimp)

Oh, great. I see. So then we get to the current
manifestation of Bush lunacy. Great! For big business and the big
business of killing.

You know; Arabs are Semites.

I love
the dictionary because tired old words can get dusted off and viewed
for relevance. And Arabs are Semites. It bears as much repeating as
does the name of Prescott Bush, noted American Nazi Sympathizer and
grandfather of George W. Bush. So here it is for you.


1. A
member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and
northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians,
Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians.

2. A Jew.

Bible. A descendant of Shem.

So to the list of notorious
anti-semites like  Stalin and Hitler we can add
ugly ugly. kills. ignores commandments. do time, piggo.Ariel "ZionNazi"
, who has a gross body count i lack statistics
on, and George Bush Senior AND Junior, who have slain their share of
Semites and are on the crusade for more bodybags (to be censored from
American televisions -- "in the interest of NWO Security."

the politicians have almost gagged the major media from telling the
truth, misinforming the public becomes simple, until a money hungry
racist can get huge approval ratings from a public scammed into
believeing he is as honest and caring as he projected.

Sometimes people
want to clain that the polling systems are flawed--they could be
reasonably accurate with the now-traditional +/- 2 pct...but the group
polled have been suckered already, of course they approve. They don't
know the whole story.

it's so bad now that CNN is gagged from
breaking the story of the Bush+Nazi connection, the millions the Bush
family gave to the Third Reich in 1942, because it might threaten NWO

The notorious anti-Semitism of the Bush Family has been
seen now in two obvious generations, Dubya has already killed many
Afghanis: I wonder if anyone is maintaining a death count for our
American Military Dictator. Hail to the thief! Maybe he can be
prohibited from acting out plans for reign-of-fire murderous intent
genocide against the civilian population of women and children in Iraq.
They are also victims of another dictator, but maybe we in America can
take out our own trash. To speak metaphorically.

Prescott Bush’s
supplying of the German National Socialist Party with money while
Americans were dying on the battlefields of the European Theater of
Operations was treason to be sure. Treason, simple and plain.

And in
1942, to the shock and horror of Prescott Bush, this news was on the
cover of the New York Herald-Tribune. July 1942! Daily paper. Every New
Yorker saw it then. Connections between the Bush family and the Thyssen
family, financial survivors of the Third Reich who even now dominate
German economy...these connections between families still exist between
George W. Bush and the Germans financiers who still cling, albeit
secretly, to the principles of Hitler and the other infamous National
Socialists of the 1930s – 1940s.

The roots of Nationalistic
Socialism reach deep, including Stalin and the notorious pogroms and
purges of Russian history and legend, including Hitler’s hatefilled
campaign of genocide.

There is something to be noted about the
American President, his family’s ties to the Nazi menace, the scandal
that shamed Prescott Bush and moved their objectively treasonous
financial dealings into secrecy. Something to be noted, and the reason
why there is a United Nations is, among other reasons, to try criminals
against the entire world, criminals who have inflated the seeming
threat of a Saddam Hussein to cover up their own agenda of race hate
and organized terrorism.

Were the women of Kabul, Afghanistan
"terrorized" by the threat of warfare before the bombs came down, bombs
paid for by a United States generally uninformed about the true agendas
of their leaders? It is obvious that they were "terrorized" when the
bombs started falling, they were "terrorized" and killed.

is something to be noted about the connection between the current
generations of the Bush family. And it is something that could
conceivably save the United States and improve life for many people.

There IS a world court, there ARE venues in which treasonous
criminals can be tried and brought to justice.

They exist and are as objectively real as the body count of
Nazi aggression in World War Two.

is something to be noted about people in our current government who are
in bed with the German industrialists who escaped. And there is so much
evidence that it shows in major ways.

Sewing it all together. You
get that waxy heavy thread, or maybe some floss. The thing about sewing
is that if you approach it in a certain way it isn’t really work,
it’s relaxing like meditation or washing dishes. Maybe blow it all
off… do something else. Damn! The government is so lousy.
They…sometimes I wish somebody could actually do something...

that solid sound philosophical vehicle that just doesn’t work. Really.
Anarchism’s not working and that’s cool with me. I am an
existentialist anyway.

So I woke up and hopped into my
philosophical vehicle and drove myself insane. It was a short trip and
really scenic. And anarchism is just not working. “Retired at 21”

Cycle Four…do they even make that anymore? I am going off meat
anyway. Soon.

society while the old one is rotting right around us, people are
creating new ideas that the Nazis, the Totalitarians, the Ashcrofts and
the Stalins of the world can’t see and wouldn’t be interested in
being involved in, utopian conceptions of existence so passionate,
intellectual and sublime that the Fascists of the world, Left and
Right, wouldn’t want to be involved.

Being free thinking and
free willed and full of love for life is boring and corny to them, they
aren’t really interested. So leave them, just let them by as flesh
puppets to their own hate-and-death-addicted doctrines.

with no coerced labor…they all are "left" in their intellectual
cul-de-sac when the actual anarchists do our own thing and there can be
consensus, but coerced consensus?

like Communism where it only
works if everyone agrees…without masters to lay down the lash, we can
of course do what we feel like doing, working through our own
realities, or own inner network of whatever we have inside us, but we
can do it on our own, out of free choice.

If people WANT to get
together and build a huge platform in the woods our of deadfall that
they can stand on and jump up and down and play drums all night, they
can if they WANT to because they want to.

it’s less like the
coerced-labor drudgery of punching the time clock, day in, day out
whether one wishes to or not because they fear the lash of economically
imposed dearth. What is good is that there are all sorts of

the gymnast nadia comaneci was a genius in her
particular moving center intelligence, the same as Einstein was a
genius in his reflective mental reasoning way. There are all sorts of
types of genius, but the anti-intellectuals of the world, and there are
many, find ways to detest almost all these different manifestations of
human excellence.

so leave them, if you like, in the evolutionary
cul-de-sac, the place where no growth is taking place, change is
generally rejected out of hand, that very mentally static place where
the same slogans and doctrine are leaned on as if nothing could ever be
better and new ideas are to be scorned and ruined.

if some folks
rolled in with new strategies, all about anarchistic notions like
spontaneity, freewill and a total rejection of the notion of coerced
labor…this anti-intellectual faction in our midst would start
sabotaging it with seemingly innocuous questions”what about”

mistrust and all the time gritting pearly white teeth and doing that
clenched and very forced smile of seeming innocence…or something. but
do you get the jist?

fearing what they don’t understand they end
up clinging to worn old doctrines that have failed to bring about

While the state rather
obviously, publicly smashes itself, I can will and do mourn on my own
for the energy and life force of beautiful young girls – for an
example -- convinced that the best thing they can do for anarchy is to
get in front of cops who swing their batons cause they are trapped into
their social position, a place of very little free will.

and I
will feel a distant pity for people who would rather smear and slander
those who disagree with them out of a prideful addiction to their own
way of thinking.

but look how life keeps going on anyway, life
keeps going on. There have been people who have criticized me and my
fellow anarchists as lifestylists or poseurs because we are slow, very
very slow to embrace the philosophies that empowered Lenin and Stalin.

(Stalin? STALIN? I get into my philosophical vehicle and slam
it into reverse. Holy shit.)

don’t, I guess, know about Totalitarianism, but they are embracing the
seeds of it and calling it anarchist politics. And that’s cool cause
there is free will, even if people want to say that there isn’t any.
And that is the evolutionary-cul-de-sac, I am gonna hop into my
philosophical vehicle and keep driving. (somebody had the guts to say
to me the other day that 99% percent of anarchists were socialists. i
wondered where she was getting her "statist"ics.)

so while people
see me fading in their rearview vanishing towards the anarchist utopia
of many people’s dreams, I hear them bitterly “stating”
that I am
lying to myselfÂ…I even tried to help. I would never of my own
help people strengthen Capitalist Totalitarianism, or Corpocracy, but I
definitely know that Nationalistic Socialistic
Neville Chamberlain trusted them. Anti-intellectuals probably
even crack a fucking book and find out who Neville Chamberlain was; he
was the guy that said “Oh, Herr Hitler? Thumbs up! The world is
saved,” and then Hitler, a Nationalist, and a Socialist…ugh.

I understand that they have a limited American worldview. But I see
Socialism in the context of being part of the world at large. Who is
the proletariat in America?

If you as socialists are working for
the dictatorship of the proletariat, do you know who the proletarian
dictator in America is?

Let me break it down for you.

Gushing oil wells.

Smug smiles of immovable, unimpeachable power.


Do you see Tricky Dick?Tricky Dick

work for him, they are blue collar and they are loyal to their boss.
They’re NOT anarchists, I know that some people wish they could force
everyone to think the way they do but –- these are the American
workers, the American working class a lot of them are really

The dictator of the proletariat, the working class
leader is right now GEORGE W. BUSH. Philosophies can stay stuck,
unchanging, in the books and manifestoes philosophers write…but at the
same time the subject of these philosophies are moving around, doing
things, changing. Trotsky and StalinÂ’s contemporaries are all
dead or
really really old now. But the proletariat in America have embraced GW
Bush. And young American Socialists, as long as they continue to fan
the flames of class war…it’s less than obvious which is how people
get suckered. Maybe they hate the government so they think with logic:
the way to oppose Capitalism is to be a Socialist, or a Communist.
That’s fine logical thinking but look at Russia today. Communism there
is a bitter old dream or a worn out joke: the government has embraced
Capitalism. There’s so much evidence of this. But the great sadness
and also the hope for every dream of tomorrow can be found in American
anti-intellectualism. Many people feel more terrorized by their brutal
truncheon of a government than anything else. And the government rules
over people by keeping us stupid and afraid to manifest their inner
intelligence, that inner genius that I was talking about nadia comaneci
and Einstein manifesting?

As long as intelligent people are
crippled by low self esteem, you’ve been marginalized by a state, a
Corporate State whose idea of a good time is inserting a Commander –
In – Chief who canÂ’t say the word “Nuclear.”


tried to embrace the words that the mean-spirited and proudly
dull-witted used to cripple and humiliate the souls of the
intellectually and emotionally passionate who made them feel threatened.

it does is force you to hate yourself. And that’s what I mean. The
state WINS when people who could have genius level ideas wind up hating
themselves, and shoving themselves into whatever social box has been
created for them by a state who sees them only as either power sources
to be used and discarded, or doesn’t see us at all.

I prefer not being seen by them actually.

shame in your game

wrong that they have a leader with a profound and rather obvious
learning disability. It’s a boring day, I got nothing to do, I’ll get
a bunch of retards and drive ‘em to the White House. Put suits on ‘em
. put em in charge.

but i didn't go to work today. i don't think i'll go tomorrow.

FOR ANYONE WHO READ THIS ARTICLE) you probably do indymedia a lot...i
think it's crucial that the U. S. was storing illegal WMD'S (bunker
buster tac-nukes) in Holland where such things are completely illegal.
that's the same thing they are policing Hussein on. the story was
suppressed but here is a plice report. check it out. and here's a link,
too. http://www.motherearth.org/news/news.php?art=69knPs

have fun

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
4:31 am



the secret is that the illegal WMD were stored in
the netherlands. Colin Powell's hands tied.
as a recap:
the fifth Internationalists and Fabian Socialists swore to socioeconomically "control the world" in 1884. George Orwell realised the depth of this plan ashe was, along with Time Machine author HG Wells and Jules Verne one of the sci fi authors of the perid asked to join. when he realised what they were about he renouced international socialism ("internazi" -- think about this, conspiracy theiorists because you are not always wrong) and compsed a tae about aworld where viewscvreens were used tocontrol the masses andlove was morally judged as something to contro -- called 1984.

it is a seminal tale of resitance on the inaward level against Totalitarianism -- the idea that mkes Nazi ism so disgustong -- their goal for total control and one order to control tehworld. It s nothing new.
this is a similar tale rarely heard by mainstreamers, part of my new novel yet to be published.

is fun.

people whu hae modern punk almost NEVER have bands. if they do they are unlistenable garbage. i am not a total collector of avril liking harder music. but i don'thate her cause she's likeharmles and i do like GC.

and black flag and the cromags and old punk as well. i can't go see black flag.

this is me dissing poseurs at punx.com that hate new music cos theyare desperate for cred.
(Poseur: one who puts a show of punk or core but knows nothing aboutthe attitude underneath -- thinking for yourself and living for pleasure morethan pain. originally pointed atsocialist punks by anarchists inthe seventies scenes in britain and the eighties nascent american scenes.


[quote="bushwacker"]They Are A typical comercial attempt at trying to get rich off the punk scene!
They dont live like punks they are just take the image and capitalise on that!
a proper punk band sings about anarchy and social demise ect... not about what ever girl just rejected them!

***above is my opinion and hence cant not be debated because my opinion is MY opinion! And I know theres probly alot spelling mistakes but you should ask the question: " do think I actualy read over and check that! hell no! I just type out my opinion and move on![/quote]

[quote="maxwell"]i'm glad you don't wanns debate. it's flaxxid to hate a band when you are too weak and lame to 'smash the state'. as usual almost no BAND can agffect what corporations do. people like you almost snever have bands. you are laways hypocrites jdging what you don't understand. but what a bot YOU dad? flip YOU.

what do bands and youth and fighting have to do with international socialists?

Hitler Youth were young kids who hated jews because they were indctrinated to do so by the GERMAN Bolshevik machine -- no longer called Bolshevik but called National Socialist - or Nazi, for short.

the National Socialistsv of Germany sought to cintrol the world from a teutonic vantage point.

This is really a tale transcending nationalist boundaries.

even now in the United States, proud nationalists close their eyes to the proud judgments of a George Herbert Walker Bush and his mouth piece of a son.

those who do not wish to see the scene at the entrance of this venue need to educate themselves NOW 0n the history fo tactical controls applied by the truly IGNORANT and EVIL national socialist regime of Hitler and teh Fifth Internationalists - because it was teh Fifth internationmal and suprisingly the Fabian Socialists -- Tony blair's privatleyfunded enterpirse -- that had to do with secretly funding Hitler and creating teh german war machine.

We must be careful with socialsts and not use judgment but strive to really udnerstand - becaus eEngles and Marx were CAPITALISTS looking for a way to take the "center of the world" out of the United States and restore Eurpoean kingdoms to might.

this is a forst draft. i apologize for its slop[piness.

But antiracit action is a real group. being anarchistic -- it has stood as a unified force agianst nazi skin heads -- as seen on tghe geraldo rivera show -- and often with non violence and christian ethics managed to repel the socialistic will-to-power -- so nietzchean in implication. sicne 1984. now the ARA is in transition -- it is a new century and of course the forces of Republic are very powerfukl and as wthey were in the Union of Soviet Socialist republics, determined to rule.


the B-61 TACTICAL NUKE! the united States (no, not 'we" - that's what's WRONG with
the media and why independent voices carry the weight of credibility. )
the united States developed the bunker bustingnuke!

it penetrates the earth like a raper and lets its tonnage off benearth the surfacE: preventing a hiroshima like mushroom cloud. But the nuke got dropped.

The Dutch havbve grown jaded with protest -- and teh freeze on
reportage to americans is the why of it all being a secret.

here is a rundownon the events connected from motherearth.org.

27 October 1997
NATO Secretary Solana wrote to NWAD that NATO was considering the ICJ opinion seriously, but had not yet come to a clear decision on the impact of the court's ruling.

18 January 1998
Citizens Inspected the E L F low frequency transmitter in Wisconsin, USA. This facility is primed to activate Trident submarines for attack. An inspection report was filed with the ICJ.

2 February 1998
The Universal Weapons Inspection Team (UNWIT) wrote to the Atomic Weapons Establishment in advance of their visit. 12 women went to the gate but were refused access. They measured driveways and gates in a bid to map the base.

26 February 1998
An international Citizens' Inspection team, including Canadian MP Libby Davies, was initially told they would be allowed into the Trident submarine base at Bangor, Washington State. When this was overruled by the US Navy Pacific Command the team flew over the base in a private plane and identified 24 bunkers and 3 submarines.

1 March 1998
Members of a Citizen's Inspection Team (CIT) were arrested at the main gate of Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona as they attempted to inspect it for suspected weapons of mass or indiscriminate destruction. They wrote to the base commander requesting full and unconditional access to the site and requested an escort to aid us in our inspection. This was refused.

5 March 1998
7 Citizen Inspectors, carrying UN Flags, were arrested on a fact-finding mission at Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons laboratory, California USA. The event featured Dr. Theodore Taylor, a prominent nuclear physicist who was a top nuclear weapons designer in the 1950's but who later had a profound change of heart and now advocates the abolition of nuclear weapons.

18 March 1998
Belgian Members of Parliament Hugo Van Dienderen and Ludo Sannen attempted to inspect the Belgian NATO base at Kleine Brogel. Access was refused.

26 March 1998
Los Alamos Citizen Verification Team visited Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico which is the centre of the US nuclear weapons complex. In a letter previously sent to the lab the team requested that LANL provide documents describing the activities and plans of its nuclear weapons program, access to facilities which take part in the research and production of WMD, and interviews with upper management. All requests were denied by LANL. The team used each location on the site to describe to the media how LANL is breaking international law, defying UN resolutions, and immorally threatening human security. No arrests were made as the team did not try to force its way through any of the gates.
During this period other inspectors concluded that nuclear weapons were being manufactured, stockpiled or deployed in the USA at the Livermore and Los Alamos nuclear research facilities, and at Bath Iron Works.

4 April 1998
A Citizens' Team attempted to inspect the Egozi nuclear missile base in Israel. One member of the team measured high radiation levels near the site.

26 April 1998
Citizens inspected the Albemarle Secure Vehicle Compound in Northumbria where it is believed that British nuclear warhead convoys to the Trident base at Faslane stop overnight. The inspectors ascertained that, as the site was protected by razor wire, high tensile steel, bunkers and floodlights, there is evidence that nuclear weapons could be using the location. Letters explaining the reasons for the inspection had been sent to the Commanders in charge of Nuclear Convoys, the Trident base at Faslane, Wittering, NATO joint command Northwood, Albemarle Barracks and the Minister of Defence.

8 and 10 July 1998
During a week long NWAD international camp in Brussels, Belgium, two inspections took place. On the second anniversary of the ICJ opinion a NWAD delegation, accompanied by two Members of the European Parliament and a Belgian MP, met NATO officials. They refused to give the delegation the information about NATO nuclear weapons that they required, and so the meeting was followed by attempts by three inspection teams to enter the HQ. Two days later, nine more inspectors gained access to the HQ and questioned employees about their knowledge of the Nuremberg Principles before being apprehended.

11-12 July 1998
NWAD members hung posters reading "Wanted for War Crimes" above pictures of all 16 NATO Defence Ministers outside their meeting in Brussels. All 16 Ministers were given a copy of the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention, an official UN document.

3 August 1998
A North American team, lead by a Canadian MP, was refused permission to inspect the Electric Boat Corporation at Groton, Connecticut where nuclear submarines are constructed. A sign was put on the fences reading: "Warning - this site produces weapons of mass destruction".

26 August 1998
Citizens' Complaints were given to the Superintendent in charge of Strathclyde police. The Trident base is in their area. Activists spent an hour explaining to him that criminal activity was happening at Faslane. He agreed to pass this information, and the complaint, on to the Procurator Fiscal. The Procurator Fiscal ignored this for several months. After several reminders he sent only an unsatisfactory reply [Citizens' Complaint and Correspondence].

5-6 September 1998
With clear evidence about the presence of 10 US B-61 tactical nuclear weapons at Kleine Brogel, people were invited to join in a nuclear Treasure Hunt. The first prize was a return ticket from Brussels to the White House in Washington. 11 Treasure hunters were arrested for distributing leaflets containing a classified map of the base. One was charged for gathering military intelligence, while the others were arrested for 'a breach of peace'. Several aircraft hangars were inspected from the outside. However, this action provoked a meeting between officials and Citizen Inspectors at the Belgian Ministry of Defence in Brussels. As a result the Defence Department undertook to organise a consultation with international lawyers about the implications of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice.

20 September 1998
At Barrow-in-Furness, UK, just before the roll-out of HMS Vengeance, Britain's latest nuclear weapons submarine, A Citizens' Inspection team tried to gain access to the Shipyard. When refused permission they read out a Citizens' Complaint pointing out the workers' responsibilities under international law.

22 September 1998
Citizen Inspectors went to the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel. After telling the police the reason for their visit they were forbidden to demonstrate without a permit so they linked arms and sat down. Ten people were arrested but later released.

1 October 1998
Citizens in Belgium, Britain, the Netherlands and the US inspected ten nuclear weapon related sites, to mark the anniversary of the end of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal in 1946. In Belgium 46 inspectors are arrested, amongst whom were several famous artists, authors, actors and also 8 MP's from both government and opposition parties.
Inspectors attempted to enter the Rolls Royce plant at Rainsway Derby, where parts for Trident submarines are made. On 26 April, 11 of them appeared before the Stipendiary Magistrate in Derby who refused to accept their defence of lawful excuse.

20 November 1998
Pol D'Huyvetter, member of NWAD, started a vigil and fast in front of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. The aim was to encourage Belgium to support Canada and Germany in asking for a policy of No First Use of Nuclear weapons by NATO. This demand reflects public opinion which strongly supports Belgium taking the lead in negotiating a Treaty banning Nuclear Weapons. Pol was joined by MPs and other notables until the fast ended on 4 December after the government promised to engage in regular assessments of progress towards the elimination of nuclear weapons.

December 1998
Following several successful Citizens Inspections at Kleine Brogel earlier this year, three Members of the Flemish Parliament have announced their plan to table a resolution at the Flemish Parliament calling for Flanders to be a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

21 February 1999
120 inspectors entered the NATO base at Kleine Brogel in Belgium. 113 were arrested and released after questioning. Two MP's were attacked and wounded by military personnel with dogs. Since December 1996 over 200 people have inspected the Belgian NATO base, without being brought to Court by the authorities.

2 April 1999
A delegation of Inspectors was refused entry at Volkel Air Base and therefore decided to inspect the base without permission. Five were arrested. The next day a group started to tunnel into the base towards the underground storage of the B61 free-fall Nuclear Weapons but were arrested.

5 April 1999
A Citizens' Complaint was given to the officer in charge of the Ministry of Defence Police at Lakenheath. He was asked to convey this to the Base Commander. Lakenheath is the only nuclear weapons base remaining in England. It is strongly suspected that B61 free-fall nuclear bombs are stationed there. Citizen inspectors were refused permission to look for evidence of the bombs. When no response to the Citizens' Complaint was forthcoming, a letter was written to the Ministry of Defence asking them to follow the matter up. There was no satisfactory reply. [Compliant and Correspondence]

23 April 1999
A re-affirmation of the A-Days Citizens Summons was presented by Peace Action in Washington at the NATO summit in front of international journalists. There was a scroll for each Head of State which repeated the Madrid demands of 1996 and added that the Alliance was now compounding its unlawful activity by involving 3 more states in its illegal nuclear deterrence policy. Four weeks before, a letter had been sent to NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels asking them to raise the issue of the legal validity of NATO's policy of nuclear deterrence. There was no reply. [Re-affirmation and Correspondence]

25 April 1999
51 non-violent activists were arrested near Kleine Brogel in Belgium where US B61 free-fall nuclear bombs are stored. The protest, which included several Members of Parliament, coincided with the NATO Summit in Washington DC. There was a 'funeral of democracy' following the prohibition of a bike tour around the base. On the same day there were demonstrations and inspections at US nuclear weapon bases in Aviano, Italy, and Araxos, Greece.

27-29 May 1999
The For Mother Earth peace walk from the International Court of Justice in The Hague to NATO headquarters in Brussels ended with the total of 272 arrests of Citizen Inspectors. At one point the police used water-canons, while other inspectors were at first prevented from attending a reception hosted at the European Parliament by Magda Aelvoet, President of the Green Group. On 4 June 1999 7 people from 5 nations were arrested when they attempted to inspect the NATO nuclear base at Kleine Brogel but charges of trespass were dropped.

27 July 1999
A Belgian criminal court declared itself incompetent in a case against three Belgian MP's who had inspected the NATO nuclear base of Kleine Brogel. The court decided that the "crime" involved was political and therefore had to be tried before a jury according to the constitution.
The prosecutor dropped the case because of the unpredictable result of a jury trial.
In spite of a large display of police power a new Citizens Summons was delivered to each of the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting at the NATO HQ in Brussels. There had been rumours that the 150 US free-fall nuclear bombs based in European NATO countries would be withdrawn. However, the summons pointed out that this was not enough. To comply with international law, the whole of NATO's massive nuclear arsenal had to be dealt with.
A small group of Citizen Inspectors attempted to enter NATO HQ with a list of pressing Questions for NATO Defence Ministers. 50 of them were arrested but not charged.

2 December 1999
At the beginning of the NATO ministerial meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels a delegation of the international peace movement handed a summons to all defence-ministers condemning the Alliance's illegal nuclear policy. The planned non-violent peace-vigil was immediately broken up by the Brussels police force. [Copy of Summons].

3 March 2000 Citizen Inspectors handed in a revised Citizens' Complaint for the new base commander at Lakenheath. As before, it was taken in by the police. There was no response.

24 April 2000
At the start of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in New York over 300 Citizen Inspectors from several countries were arrested as they entered NATO base at Kleine Brogel to search for evidence of 10 US B-61 nuclear weapons. NATO continues to oppose any disclosure of their existence to MPs, the press and the public. The sharing of the US nuclear weapons with other NATO allies is in breach of Article I and II of the NPT. The Nuclear Resisters were joined by Belgian MPs and famous authors, while actors organised a theatrical demonstration.
On the same day there was a "Go in-Sit out" demonstration of 300 people at the US-EUCOM (European Command) near Stuttgart. 13 citizens entered the base, while 50 took part at a blockade. The EUCOM is responsible for all 150 US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe.

7 August 1999
4 citizen inspectors entered the Buechel Air Force Base in Germany. The inspection was widely supported, also by the famous German author Martin Walser and psycho-anlayst Hans-Peter Richter.

1 October 2000
The Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp carried out an action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston. Inspectors photographed entrances and main areas of the base.
Forum Voor Vredesactie and Voor Moeder Aarde (For Mother Earth) invited photographers to join their citizens' war crimes inspection at Kleine-Brogel, Belgium to obtain photographic evidence of the presence of the NATO B-61 nuclear weapons there. 20 groups of inspectors entered the base. These included parliamentarians, celebrities, and anti-nuclear activists from several European countries. Inspectors were able to photograph F-16 jets, the hardened concrete vaults used to store the nuclear weapons, and several radio antennae inside a heavily guarded compound. The police confiscated all cameras that were taken into the base. In total, 80 arrests were made for "trespassing on a military base" and "photographing a military base".
On the same day Citizens' Inspections took place at nuclear weapon sites at Volkel, Netherlands, the U.S. Navy ELF facility in Wisconsin, and the Rickenbaker US Air Force Base.

16 October 2000
Nevada Desert Experience notified the commander of Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, USA, that they intended a Citizen's Weapons Inspection and inviting the base to show the inspectors the 400 nuclear weapons deployed there. The only response was a letter declining the invitation "for safety and security reasons". Undeterred, the inspectors held a vigil outside the main gate which included passing out flyers to interested motorists and pedestrians. The flyers were basically quotes from former Generals who have begun to decry the nuclearism they once defended. The base was videotaped and photographed the vigillers, but there were no arrests. However, it can be claimed that, by not allowing access to the base, Nellis had failed the inspection.

21 August 2001
In March 2001 A World Court Project UK Supporter received, via his Member of Parliament, a letter from a Government Minister in the Ministry of Defence a letter about depleted uranium. In this he stated that nuclear weapons are designed as indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction. This implies an admission of illegality. World Court Project UK wrote to the Prime Minister about this asking for confirmation of this inference. The reply from the MoD said that the quotation had been taken out of context and did not amount to a Government statement on the matter. [Ministry of Defence Correspondence]

11th November 2001
Four Trident Ploughshares activists were arrested on Remembrance Sunday after cutting their way through the fence at AWE Aldermaston to carry out a citizens' inspection of the site. Charged with criminal damage they argued that their action was justified as a last resort in responding to the threat posed by the illegal Trident nuclear weapon system. The four were ordered to pay £92.50 for the damage caused and £100 for court costs. These fines were transferred to their local courts.

5th October 2002
1117 inspectors activists from across Belgium and elsewhere in Europe were arrested during the "Bomspotting" mass tresspass of Kleine Brogel airbase. Several hundred of these people were arrested outside of the base due to restrictions that were placed on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression in the area around the base.

6th October 2002
At 7:30 am Sunday, October 6, remembering the anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, three women entered Minuteman III missile silo # N-8 in northern Colorado. Acting out Isaiah's prophesy, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares," Dominican sisters Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson and Ardeth Platte hammered on the concrete silo lid and the tracks that carry the lid to its firing position. Their disarmament action included cutting cables, spreading their own blood in the sign of the cross on the silo and the tracks, and cutting through the surrounding fence in three places.
The women were inside the silo area for an hour, able to also complete a liturgy on top of the silo before they were ringed with humvees and military and police personnel with weapons leveled.

7th October 2002
160 people gathered at the main gate of the Lakenheath airforce base, England. During the demonstration nine people became citizen inspectors and entered the base. Activists were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, which they readily admitted to, having cut the fence and get in. They were passed into the custody of Suffolk police, but apparently without enough evidence to charge them at the time.
[Lakenheath Action Group]

31st October 2002
Gloucester Weapons Inspectors visited RAF Fairford, which would be used in any attack on Iraq. After being refused entry to base by the secrurity staff on the main gate, they put their request for entry in song form...

11th November 2002
Over two hundred people including representatives from community, students and US military veterans formed a citizen inspection team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A letter was sent to the head of the laboratory demanding immediate and unrestricted access to all sites at the laboratory including underground facilities, buildings, equipment, records and means of transport. Representatives from California Peace Action, Tri-Valley CAREs, Western States Legal Foundation and Veterans for Peace displayed evidence of the Lab's involvement in clandestine activities related to the research and development of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear and biological weapons. During the action a line of armed security met the inspection team and halted people trying to enter.

15th November 2002
Two activists from Trident Ploughshares managed to inspect a British Trident nuclear submarine, while it was undergoing refit in Devonport, England. They remained undetected inside the submarine for 30 minutes before setting off a fire alarm to alert workers to their presence. They were arrested for criminal damage, and subsequently made to pay £146 each for damage that they had done to fence of the base, in order to gain access to the submarine.
[Full story]

14th December 2002

A 500 strong demonstration marched on RAF Fairford, and demanded entry to the base for the purpose of conducting an inspection for weapons of mass destruction. The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors led the march through the Village of Fairford. On their previous visit to the base, on Halloween, their final words were 'we'll be back'. During the action 20 demonstrators managed to cut the fence and get in. No arrests were made. This demonstration was called by Bristol-Stop-The-War in response to the arrival of U.S Stealth Bombers at RAF Fairford in November. Although the Bombers have returned to the U.S, it is believed they will soon return for the purpose of conducting carpet-bombing of Iraqi cities.
[Gloucester Weapons Inspectors]

10th January 2003

Five "weapons inspectors" from Cambridge University were arrested after entering RAF Feltwell in a bid to uncover US weapons programmes for war against Iraq. The team of five, organised by Cambridge Students Against the War, entered the base freely but were arrested after spending around 45 minutes gathering information on the site's operations.
[Full story]

18th January 2003
80 weapons inspectors were arrested at the Dutch Airforce base of Volkel, used to store US nuclear weapons. Many of the inspectors managed to gain access to the base because a lock on one of the gates to the base had been switch some days before with one for which the inspectors had a key.
An international delegation from For Mother Earth submitted a report of the inspection to the UN Security Council.
[More news, and report]

25th January 2003

Over 200 protestors marched on RAF St Athans to demand access to search for Weapons of Mass Destruction and show their opposition to war. 'The International Citizens Weapons Inspectorate' consisted of students from over 30 countries around the world including the USA, UK, China, Columbia, Pakistan, Iraq and Israel. They were denied access to the base but handed in a letter to the Base Commander.
[International Citizens Weapons Inspectorate]

26th January 2003

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors and Greenham Women conducted another inspection at RAF Fairford. Around 2000 people attended a parade from Fairford to the base, many wearing white inspection suits along with a giant model B-2 Stealth bomber. Once again some theatre and entertainment from Rinky Dink. Direct action by a large group managed to get around 50 people onto the base, some entering buildings and climbing on roofs. Most were just escorted off the base. However 5 arrests were made. Three for those who had been observed cutting the fencing and 2 for public order offences.
[Gloucester Weapons Inspectors]

10th February 2003
A citizens inspection was held at the Lockheed Martin plant in Owego, New York. This plant specializes in "Systems Integration" and works on weapons systems for A10 Warthog planes that have been used to fire depleted uranium ammunition in the gulf war, Kosovo, Afghanistan and was recently tested in Vieques - Puerto Rico. The plant also builds Blackhawk helicopters. During the citizens inspection, some people made a workshop about the effect of Depleted Uranium on the environment (food chain, health, soldiers, civilians, etc..)

3rd February 2003
RAF Lakenheath was closed in an act of peaceful protest against war. Six peace activists from Cambridge blockaded the back entrance to the base; they were all arrested and taken to Mildenhall police station. The six succeeded in severely restricting access to the base for almost an hour. Earlier that morning, protesters arrived to discover that the mere threat of a blockade of the main gate had convinced the Ministry of Defence Police to close the front gate, effectively shutting down the base from the morning onwards.
At the same time, 6 'weapons inspectors' entered the base, to search for American-controlled weapons of mass destruction. This continues the recent series of Citizens' Inspections, which have taken place across the UK and much of Europe.

22nd February 2003
Canadian group, Rooting Out Evil, sent a team of weapons inspectors to the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Laboratory in Washington DC. The team included Alan Simpson, a Member of the British House of Commons (and head of Labour Against the War); Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East; Professor Mel Watkins of Science for Peace; Steve Staples of the Polaris Institute; David Langille of the Centre for Social Justice; Deborah Bourque, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project; and Peter Shorret from the Council for Responsible Genetics.
They were refused entry to the base.
[Rooting Out Evil | Full Story]


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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
7:54 pm - military fuckups

NYT: Army Report Details Widespread Abuse
A confidential Army report contains graphic details of widespread abuse of detainees in Afghanistan in 2002 by U.S. soldiers. The documents - obtained by The New York Times - show that harsh treatment by some interrogators was routine and that guards could strike shackled detainees with virtual impunity. The Times reports the abuse was carried out to extract information, used as punishment or was driven by "little more than boredom or cruelty." The report centers on the deaths of two prisoners – one a taxi driver who died at Bagram in December 2002. According to the report, he was chained by his wrists to the top of his cell for several days before he died and his legs had been pummeled by guards. The investigation recommended last year that charges be filed against 27 soldiers in the abuse. So far, only seven have been charged, including four last week. No one has been convicted in either death.

Child Abuse In Military Families
A new study released this week found that children from military families are twice as likely to die from severe abuse as other children The pediatric experts who led the study are calling on officials at the Pentagon to do more to investigate why. The study was performed by the North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute and was presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, in Washington, D.C.

No Military Recruiters Today
Following a number of recent scandals, the US military says it has halted active recruiting today to give additional training to recruiters. In recent months, recruiters have been exposed for asking teens to lie to their parents, guiding recruits through duping the drug-test system, lying to recruits about the risks they would face in Iraq. One Houston-area recruiter was caught on tape threatening jail time if a recruit didn't keep his appointment. The US military is facing its greatest recruitment crisis in history.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
5:20 am - lets stop believing in goverment and start believing in eachother.

hey guys, my name is brittnee im 18. i dropped out of high school lat year and Right now im spending my time traveling around this grand country of ours, train hoping, and hitch hiking, but right now im in st louis missouri at an collective called bolozone.

I do not believe in everyman for himself.
I do not believe in money, consumerism, or corporation.
I do not believe in capitalism.
I do not believe in guns, or explosive devices.
I do not believe in wars.
I do not believe in domination, "class"or hierarchy.
i do not believe in "public affairs"
I do not believe in slaughter houses.
i do not believe in prejudice, racial or gender.
I do not believe in unnesacary technological advances.
I do not believe in waste.
I do not believe in marriage.
I do not believe in religion.

I believe in equality, i believe that everything alive has a right to be alive, i believe in haveing skills and helping each other, i believe in humanism, we were all created with the same instinces there for we are all the same, andwe all have one basic goal, to survive. I believe that we should be free to determine our own path in life. I believe in peace, and i believe that anarchy is a peaceful way of life. But i believe in fighting for what i know is right, and i refuse to go unheard, I believe in rebeling against authority because i will not be owned, because i believe in freedom to the fullest extent of the meaning and i will never compromise that belief. i live my life by that code and to me that is anarchy.

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
5:59 pm

hi guys I just thought I'd post to tell you guys that I am in a solidarity community here on livejournal humanmajority that brings together thoughts and ideas from all communities, and people. this helps us collaborate on projects, actions, and creating literature. I am hoping to put together a community antipress newspaper full of art and ideas, and if anyone wants to contribute feel free to come join the community. hope to see some of you there

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
2:05 pm

Greetings. My name is Adrien, I'm 24 years old, and I suppose I must now write an essay along the lines of 'Why I believe in Anarchy'. I believe in anarchy because I believe it is every animal's right to determine the rules of their existence; I believe humankind to be an animal and no more. I draw no distinction between 'other animals' and humans. To live by the 'laws' of nature is to live in a world where anything can happen. For instance, animals kill each other, not always for rational reasons, and humans are no different no matter how they may try. I believe in every person's right to do what they want when they want to, regardless of other people's opinions. I believe it is each person's responsibility to avoid experiences they find undesirable. In short, I believe in each animal's right to be self-ruled.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
7:12 pm - you should do this.

cuz its fucking cool.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
8:10 pm - Attention South Florida Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers, and Humanists

Our current members and I of the Broward Atheists Meetup (www.browardatheists.com and in www.meetup.com) welcome all interested in atheism, theism, freethought, agnosticism, humanism, transhumanism, state and church seperation (otherwise known as seperation of sturch), and related topics to our Tuesday meetings after 6:30pm. The www.browardatheists.com website has details on our venue, it is currently a pub, but will change when more members are acquired. We're already bulging at the seams with an average attendance of about twelve. No matter your age, beliefs, or preferences, we'd like to hear your opinion. Even the sternest Christians may come and present their thoughts, because if you really believe we're going to hell, we sure don't want to be wrong about the subject, haha, but most members are pretty confident about their atheism and agnosticism. I mention the invitation only to be open-minded. Anyways, we usually discuss religion, politics, philosophy, etc. but do not feel obligated to have to order anything despite it being a pub. There is no membership fee either, it is an informal event so far seeing how we have too few to be more organized, but we'd like to be! And we'd like to have enough people to start some activism and be as productive as possible.

Aside from the weekly Tuesday meetings, there are fun events such as campfires and beach barbeques scheduled. We sure would like to cooperate with other groups and more members to voice the rights and freedoms we and others deserve regardless of our beliefs and with your ideas and help, this can be made possible. The current goal is to eliminate the negative stigma attached to our labels by altruism and stoicism such as scholarships and good deeds. E-mail me with any questions or better yet, any one else you can get in contact with from the website to get a clearer understanding of who and what we are. We turn no one down and encourage debate, skepticism, and reason. The meetings are definitely worthwhile and interesting or else I wouldn't waste the little free time I have as a college student to invite any one else to come join the experience. If you are in the area and find the time inconvenient with your busy schedule, no hard feelings will be had, but at least sign the guestbook so we can know you support us and wish you could come. :-)


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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
2:05 pm

**How to get out of the draft** by a friend online [18 Jan 2005|09:59pm]
Tricking you is another way the Government Avoids that Pesky 13th Amendment No slavery nor involuntary servitude, Constitution Problem.

Now if only there was a "Pearl Harbor" type of event to really pull this nation together...

Oh wait they tried that already!!


I hope that you will not be offended if I tell you HOW THE "DRAFT" works. I realize that most people THINK they know how it works, but in most cases they are in error! AND, you can avoid the worry when 'College and Canada will not be options [because] in December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration," which could be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in.'

Being willing (and eager) to fight for one's country when it is truly in danger is one thing. Having the courage to refuse to fight in immoral and/or unconstitutional "wars" is quite another matter, I believe. ICE No need to "dodge" the ball if they're not allowed to hit you with it, if you merely 'take your stand' and refuse to VOLUNTEER!

1. Mr. A receives a "draft notice" and is told to report on a certain date to a certain place where he receives his physical and mental tests...then he is classified with a number indicating whether he is A1(first called)...all the way down to 4F(unfit for duty).

2. Mr.A is told that he is to report for "induction" into the military and to appear at a certain military base for that purpose on a date specified.

3. By "LAW" he must appear there...or a warrant for his arrest will be issued.

4. Assuming he reports as directed he will have another brief physical and tests and then is told to "line up on the yellow line (painted on the floor)

5. A Recruiting Officer will then tell all those "joining the army (or whatever)to take one step forward...(Oh, oh, THOSE WHO DID THIS JUST "VOLUNTEERED!")This is done so that no one can "legally" claim they were "forced into involuntary servitude!" "RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND AND SWEAR ALLEGIANCE." (almost everyone does!...thinking it must be REQUIRED!): "I, (name) do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, and will obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over me, so help me God."

6. Those who "voluntarily" stepped forward CANNOT NOW CLAIM THEY WERE"DRAFTED"...they stepped forward voluntarily and took the Oath voluntarily!

7. Assume Mr. B was smarter than Mr. A and HE DID NOT STEP FORWARD ANDTHEREFORE DID NOT TAKE THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. (the recruiter will probably say something like this: "what's the matter with you, don't you know what' step forward' means?" Mr. B responds, "sure I do, but I AM NOTVOLUNTEERING TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY...If you want me you must 'take me' against my will by force!"

8. All of those who "volunteered" will now be excused from the room...and the Mr. B will be cajoled with persuasive arguments...at first...then, when nothing works to change his mind he will be called names and insulted, possibly even assaulted by one or more military people present there as

One thing to say at this point is what the cops are coached to say on the witness stand: "Am I ordered?"

If the recruiter says No, then obviously you're OK. If the recruiter says Yes, then "By what authority do you, a military officer, order me, a civilian?" If the recruiter says anything else, repeat the question until you get Yes or No.

If the recruiter says "I order you by the authority of the United States Government" then "Which clause of the Constitution gives you, a military officer, to order me, a civilian?"

Another thing to say is: "Am I free to go?" If the recruiter says Yes, then obviously leave. If the recruiter says No, then "Am I under arrest? Am I your prisoner? Am I kidnapped? If I'm not free, then what am I?" and again, keep repeating the question.

Another thing to say is: "I want an attorney."

Another thing to say is, of course, nothing at all. I think I would go with "Am I free to go?" because if you get to Yes, then you can leave and he would look bad ordering an arrest. If you ask the question three times and don't get a yes or no, then "Well I must be free to go, because I asked you three times and you won't tell me I'm not." Then I would slowly turn around and leave, and if he keeps trying to interact I would just keep repeating the question.

9.IF Mr. B does not weaken, stands his ground, eventually the tormentors will give up and have him arrested on some charge. However, there is NO lawful way that they can MAKE him go into the military...because of the Constitutional prohibition against "involuntary servitude"...which is why NO

=== Here's an excerpt from a book:

The Army induction officer instructed the draftees to "take one step forward" as their names were called, and said that step would signify their induction into the Army. When reluctant Willie's name was called, he answered present, but did not step forward. After the ceremony, he went
home instead of to camp. When the MP's came for him, he went to court for a writ of habeas corpus to retain his freedom. "The officer himself," Willie argued, "said the step forward is what would make me a soldier. As I didn't take the step, I'm still a civilian and the Army has no claim on me."
Counsel for the Army replied, "The Army isn't being run by childish games. Willie and a hundred others appeared to be inducted, and he was inducted before the whole group as any fool there could plainly see." Willie retained his civilian status. The court ruled that the draft law required some definite ceremony to transform a civilian into a soldier. As the Army decided to have one step forward constitute the ceremony, and Willie didn't take the step, he wasn't a soldier. U.S. Court of Appeals, 1954 everyone take care

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